Zero to Launch in 30 Days — Top Tips from Millionaires

Day One Learnings from The Clickfunnels 30 Days Virtual Summit

’m guessing that even if you registered for the free portion of the awesome Clickfunnels free virtual summit that started yesterday, you still weren’t able to watch all TEN of the video interviews with millionaires breaking down their 30-day plans.

Quick summit recap: Russell Brunson interviewed 30 millionaires (his 2 Comma Club winners who made a million off a single Clickfunnel) and asked them to break down their 30 day plans for what they would do and how they would do it if they suddenly lost everything (no product, no money, no email list).

That’s five hours of priceless content to get through, not to mention the accompanying PDF downloads to read. It’s a lot. Even if you watched a few, you might not have had the time to take copious notes.

You’re in luck, I did. But rather than share my pages and pages of notes, here’s a quick list of the most common themes I found in all TEN interviews. These together constitute the KEY pieces of advice so you can start putting together your action plan. To be extra super-helpful, I included some action items for each theme so you can start implementing this advice ASAP. Ready?

Top 6 Common Themes + Action Plans!

  1. Set goals — yes, this is basic, but still staggeringly important. If you don’t take the time to clarify what exactly you want to accomplish by the end of your 30 days, then how will you achieve it? Mine is to launch an online mini-course, so everything I’ll be doing in the next 30 days will be tracking toward that end goal.
    Action plan: Set your 30-day goal, outline the daily actions you’ll need to take to get there, and think about how you can use social media to maximize what you’re doing.

  2. Niche down — this is common advice for any business you’re in. You need to identify what’s missing in the marketplace you’re targeting, figure out who your ideal customer would be, identify their pain points, and then develop a product or offering to solve that pain. 
    Action plan: Work out who you’re serving, research your audience, and design your value ladder that addresses the problems you’re going to solve for your customer.

3. Partner up — create Joint Ventures with people who already have the audiences you’re targeting. This could consist of doing a guest webinar in their Facebook Group or appearing on their podcast and offering pure value (no pitch) to their audiences. This is known as “authority jacking” and it’s not a bad thing, because it allows you to massively increase your reach while offering your unique expertise, for free! 
Action plan: Reach out to Facebook Group owners/admins in your niche and offer to do a free masterclass.

4. Get free testimonials — Offer something you can give for free, such as a one-hour coaching call or “power hour” business strategy call. At the end of the call, ask your prospect if they feel they got value from it and if they answer in the affirmative, ask for a video testimonial on the spot (assuming you’re using something like Zoom and recording the call). Then you can use the testimonial everywhere to help you get paid clients — use in organic posts, Facebook ads, your website, your clickfunnels. 
Action plan: Create your free offer and send emails to past clients or people from your LinkedIn connections to pitch them with it. Make sure to record the testimonials and then create a plan for how you will use them.

5. Tweak/review — As with everything in marketing, doing A/B split tests of whatever you’re putting out there (clickfunnels, Facebook ads) to attract new clients or customers will save you a lot of time and money. If something isn’t working, you can make adjustments and double down on what IS working. 
Action plan: If you’re running Facebook ads, create at least 10 different headlines for the same ad and test all of them. Swap out images and try different copy in the body of the ad too. If you’re making a Clickfunnel, they make it very easy to add in a split test — do 2 versions of each page of your clickfunnel with different headlines, images/videos, and copy.

6. Create a no-brainer/zero risk offer — Come up with an offer related to your business (ex: a discount on a physical product, free or low-cost group coaching sessions that offer massive value), think about what people actually want and how you can deliver that. Think about how it relates to basic human desires: more money, more freedom, more happiness. For example: 1 on 1 coaching with you would be the highest possible offer on the value ladder if you’re a business coach, but isn’t scalable long-term. But there is so much value in it to your prospects that it becomes an irresistible, no-brainer offer. 
Action plan: Come up with a zero risk offer that someone would be MAD not to take. Think about how you will scale it or convert it to a paid offer once you get clients in the door.

Take Action!

OK, these are your Top 6 tips from Day One — I hope this was useful! One final key piece of advice, that I am certain ALL 30 millionaires would tell you is totake action every single day. Make sure you’re not just watching webinars all day and ending up with an overworked brain that’s spinning out on information.

Create action steps for yourself every single day to make sure that you’re moving forward on your 30-day plan. This goes for any goal you set — in life or in business.