Heidi Anspaugh

digital marketing consultant, online community builder & lead-converting Copywriter

Heidi has been growing communities and creating first class social media messaging around diverse products and communities for the past 20 years, for both large and small companies including Sony PlayStation, LG Mobile, Rewinery, and Redbubble. Whether it's for virtual worlds, social games, a wine delivery app, or mobile phones, she can craft the right messaging and engagement strategies to inspire and connect with your audience.

Her expertise lies in growing communities and followers by creating and sharing quality content across multiple platforms and channels, coming up with creative marketing promotions and contests that capture the imagination, and in the day-to-day interactions that make for an excellent customer experience. Her community management philosophy is simple: play nice or go home.

Heidi is also a freelance writer for publications like Medium, and is always working on her next blog or book idea. 

She can also be found at her digital marketing consulting company, Cipher Collective. Go there if you need additional marketing support, like SEO, graphic design, project management, branding and paid advertising.

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