Here’s what some of my clients are saying about working with me or my company, Cipher Collective:

It was a truly enjoyable experience working with Heidi. She is creative, organize and always rises to the occasion. Heidi’s ability to always be on top of social media trends, and top notch writing and communication skills makes her a great asset to any organization.
— Winnie McCrea, Sr. Marketing Manager at TheFind
Heidi was hired on to help create, execute and manage an overall social media strategy for DocuSign’s CEO Keith Krach across various platforms. She was very detail-oriented, creative, quick learner and great to work with. I would highly recommend her.
— Michael Arrieta, Chief of Staff to Chairman & CEO of DocuSign
Heidi is the most-efficient freelance writer I’ve worked with. She did the necessary research to complete each post, adhered to deadlines and fit into our already-existing workflow. Her tone of voice in each piece was exactly what we were searching for and I wish I could’ve turned over the entire blog to her!
— Jenna Ochoa, Director of Marketing for Blue Stout
Heidi is a great creative mind that brings really unique energy to a project. I’ve worked with her for a few months now, and even made a trip out to Portland to share pie slices with her, and she’s been quite supportive as the scope of our work has changed over time. I’d definitely recommend giving her company Cipher Collective a shot if you’re on the fence about whether or not to work with her/them. Let her work speak for itself!
— -Jared Kleinert, Founder of Meeting of the Minds (
Heidi was extremely helpful in creating a social strategy and content for our agency’s own as well as our client’s needs. Heidi’s insight, wit, wide range of expertise and adaptability of voice and style make her a powerful asset to any social media and marketing efforts. She is always on top of trends and best practices in the constantly shifting sands of the social sphere, and her easy going attitude make her a pleasure to work with.
— Kerry Rose, Managing Director/Partner, Kindred
Heidi is a pleasure to work with. She grew our Facebook followers by 14% during the first quarter she worked with us, and by 60% over the last 11 months. Organic and social outreach and follower growth were a main focus and Heidi nailed it! I hope I get to work with her in the future.
— Maryam Motamedi, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Mobile Apps at TheFind
Working with Cipher Collective on all things social for our biggest campaign of the year was definitely the right move. We blew away all our social targets and drove 10X the pageviews to our microsite. Expanding our social resources with Heidi and team allowed us to better plan, organize, and deliver a consistent flow of quality content before, during, and after the campaign. All and all, it had a huge impact on our overall brand presence.
— Janelle Donovan, Sr. Director of Marketing, Demand Generation at ServiceMax
Heidi is a talented Social Strategist who brings a thoughtful approach to her clients. I enjoyed working with her at Kindred. For our brand, and for our clients, she was able to engage diverse communities, build campaigns around social media trends, and deliver authentic brand voice through blog posts.
— Kristin Bumgarner, Art Director at Kindred
I had the pleasure of working with Heidi during the launch of Microsoft’s Xbox One. She took on the role of official copywriter for the entire Xbox One Tour country-wide. This project was insanely time sensitive, detail-oriented and required copy quickly with little room for error or drafts. Heidi was a gift during such an extreme time. Her copy is agile and sophisticated - she also has the ability to jump from copywriting for the core gamer, to messaging CTA’s for the entertainment enthusiast.

I would be more than happy to have Heidi on my team again in the future.
— Elena Zanone, Digital Content & Social Media Specialist at The Ayzenberg Group
As our lead Social Strategist Heidi provided invaluable guidance to both our agency and our clients. She is very knowledgeable about the ever changing landscape of social media as well as being an intelligent writer, blogger and community manager. Heidi has a great disposition and a strong work ethic. She is an asset to any team.
— Monika Rose, CEO at Kindred
We brought Heidi on to help moderate the large volume of conversation happening across the Levi’s social properties. Because the role required direct one-on-one consumer connection, it was important to find someone we could trust to act as an extension of our team. Heidi delivered on this by providing consistent, on-brand communications with our fans, and was very easy to work with!
— Kiira Mancasola, Global Social Marketing Lead at Levi-Strauss
Heidi is one of those people who you meet in your professional life who makes everything easier. She is a great communicator and an even better copywriter. She is also gifted with a keen sense of intuition, often generating great copy and mitigating any issues before they arose. I would be very fortunate if I am granted the chance to work with her again in the future.
— Alexander Brody, Social Media Analyst at Ayzenberg Group
I hired Heidi within the first month of joining a small manufacturing company as Marketing Coordinator because I needed ideas fast. Her Community Management and Social Media knowledge is wonderfully transferable to any industry. Not only did she have great ideas for both an international product launch and local event launch, she also had ideas for on-going content creation, social media scheduling, community engagement and nuts & bolts knowledge of various social media platforms I wasn’t as familiar with. I’ve already implemented many of her ideas and am excited to carry out more of them. I am also grateful to know that if I have any questions, she will be available to answer them.
— Jamie Friedman, Marketing and Business Operations Coordinator at Blackbird Guitars
Heidi was a great resource for InsideView during her brief tenure with the company. She was insightful and professional in her social media management, adding compelling and smart content to our social channels. Her ability to understand trends and harness that power for a larger audience was very helpful in improving the company’s social strategy. Plus Heidi is fun to work around, which is a huge bonus
— Ben Vanderveen, Senior Visual Design Manager at InsideView, Inc.
I gave Heidi a complex task, with minimum information and she was able to find a way to get it done. She is very detail-oriented and always come up with interesting ideas and opportunities. I had worked with many ‘social media specialists’ and can say that Heidi talks less and does more.
— Paulo Lerner, CEO at Rewinery
Heidi joined our Community Team at 6waves Lolapps and deftly took on the tasks set in front of her. In taking over management of our social media marketing efforts she brought a lively and engaging voice to our games and drove regular innovations to our process. My only regret is that we did not get enough time to tap into her clearly deep and diverse set of talents.
— Woody Hooten, Head of Community at Lolapps